• El festival experimental Intonal desvela los primeros nombres para su edición de 2019

    El festival experimental Intonal desvela los primeros nombres para su edición de 2019
    Foto por: Camilla Rehnstrand

    La cita será del 24 al 28 de abril en Malmö, Suecia

    El encuentro anual con la música experimental Intonal desvela los primeros nombres de su edición para este 2019, donde aparecen entre otros los míticos Aux 88 o la sorprendente productora y dj holandesa Dj Marcelle. Acompañando a este primer avance, viene una nota de prensa redactada de manera poco ortodoxa pero que desde luego no falta para nada a la razón. A continuación la puedes leer (en inglés): 

    So. How does one go about curating a great ol’ beast of a festival like Intonal, you might wonder? We’ve been doing this for five years now and have started to get a hang of it. Here’s some tips:

    First of all: Don’t bother actually listening to new stuff. No-one knows who these artists are so they won’t sell tickets. Just check what’s trending on the major music platforms and for the love of God, don’t forget to analyse those likes. It doesn’t matter if they’re bought or not - they’re there.  

    Secondly: Scanning different parts of the world for exciting music phenomenas and artist that might fit into your festival vision is a complete waste of time. It never pays off. Unless of course your booking for blatant diversity reasons! If so, just pick something that makes you look good.

    Thirdly and most importantly: A ”festival vision”? Are you a lunatic? Simply bring in the same artists as the other big festivals from the same almighty booking agencies. It’s the sound and safe way to make sure that your festival will be just as every one else's. Just be prepared to pay up.


    Well, there is another way but we’re hesitant to recommend it. It’s incredibly inefficient and laborious compared to the accepted path to festival glory. Yet oddly gratifying if you manage to pull through.

    You could for instance try and get hold of artists, DJs and performers that you actually love and feel excited about. Artists that truly make you want to share their work with the world. You could also try to create a space that is shared by legendary creators, local heroes, visitors and volunteers; a space where you can actually get a chance to get to know one another without the shiny yet cold barriers of the music industry.

    You could attempt to create a festival that reflects what this whole experimental scene was supposed to be in the first place: A place for music, performances and people that don’t fit in anywhere else. Experiences that can’t simply be labeled, sorted and price-tagged. Create an alternative. Make it personal. But whatever you decide to do: make sure everyone has a hell of a good time.

    El cartel se completará el 15 de marzo con un último avance. 

    Para tickets y más información visita su página web.

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